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Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer
Susan Lenart Kazmer is an artist, silversmith and designer of 23 years. I studied at the art institute of Chicago and graduated from Southern Illinois University. Diploma in hand I wondered what to do next. I wasn’t necessarily trained for a job and I quickly realized to be an artist that I needed a lot more experience under my belt to develop and interesting body of work. I have always loved adornment, any and all kinds of adornment and soon realized that what I really loved was the obscure study of sacred adornment. During art school I found that I frequented the Field Museum in Chicago. That was my old stomping grounds. I was a museum junkie and loved and was so inspired by artifacts and relics. I also did ethnographic repair in the Chicago area on West African beadwork and adornment. East Indian Naga jewelry and Thailand components and jewelry. My job was to repair or rebuild a historical piece of jewelry or fiber. I had the opportunity to witness up close the construction of ancient pieces, how pieces were built and what would last through time as a connections as well as witnessing Innovative use of materials and their significant meanings. Through a lot of travel and exploration I built my vocabulary of my own symbolism and Talismans through jewelry and adornment for the sake of building. I recently landed back in the fashion field where my work won an award during 2018 Milan fashion week Artistar event with Italian Vogue accessories. I have been in many markets including museum exhibits, education, American Craft Council and SNAG. My work is considered innovative and expressive. I build in culture, history and beauty into adornment.

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Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 3, from 9:00am to 11:30am
Fees: $75 » workshop fee

Explore the vast possibilities that resin has to offer to create a beautiful and interesting jewelry piece or mixed media finished compositionIn this hands on beginning workshop learn and explore using ice resin, an amazing jewelers grade super clear resin, in combination with metal bezels. Be introduced to mixing in materials such as tints, glass glitter, mica chunks, paper images and lusters. Learn proper mixing, application, combining and pouring layers and safety tips. This hands on workshop offers many foundational techniques from filling hollow bezel forms with photo text, foil and layering of materials.

Kit fee* $20.00 includes- Ice resin, metal bezels, metallic foils, 2 metal bezels, sandpaper, 16 gauge bronze round wire, plastic gloves images.

Optional - Bring images or small objects to put in your bezel. I provide ICE resin, images, markers, cups, stir sticks, resin wipes, paper sealants, oil pastel, Tools I provide if needed - drills and drill bits

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