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Instructor: Carrie Story
Owner of Clay Revolution, PMC Certifier and full-time metal clay artist. More information at

Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 2, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Fees: $125 » includes 15g fine silver metal clay, wire, beads and use of materials and tools

So you are learning metal clay. You don’t need to settle for a simple charm on a leather cord. How do you use those beautiful pieces of silver constructively? In this you will learn everything you need to know to make your own custom jewelry from metal clay in one straightforward class. You will learn to roll, shape, cut, texture, refine, fire and polish metal clay. Carrie will provide design considerations that will lead to successful finished pieces. Learn Carrie's firing guidelines and techniques so that you can work with all types of metal clay at home. You will have access to try a variety of tools and equipment to help you decide what would be best for your future projects. You will learn required skills to successfully torch fire fine silver metal clay. Finish three components that you designed, combine all three into a cohesive necklace, and leave with the expertise and knowledge required to make metal clay jewelry on your own. All levels of experience are welcome.
To register for this class please visit or call Carrie at 562-879-1572.

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