Enameled Flowers

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Instructor: Atalia Molaro
Teacher, Designer, and Buyer, for String Bead Chico. Atalia has been creating new classes and teaching the elements of beading skills for over six years. Her open saw work and metal skills are unparalleled. She plays a vital role in helping to create the over fifty classes taught at String Bead.

Currently not available.
Location: The Tucson Bead Show
Skill Levels: Torch Enameling is recommend
Dates/Times: February 1, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Fees: $79 » all supplies including, instructional handout are provided.

Focus on enameling domed and curved surfaces while blending beautiful color combinations. We will be taking the mystery and heartbreak out of working with transparent colors. While you are creating –from scratch- these adorable, and useful, flowers you will be exploring color and texture combos that can then be used on countless pieces. This IS NOT the Beginning Torch Enamel class where we learn all the facts about enameling. See schedule for that class. This class includes directions on how to create a Neck cuff, Bracelet, and pendant with your pieces. All tools are provided. Your seat in the class is secured when the class is paid for. To register for this class click here http://tools.stringbead.com/store/p522/Enameled_Flowers_-_2%2F1.html or for more information: call 530-894-2323 or email Stringbeadsocial@gmail.com. Visit us at tools.StringBead.com

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