Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are There Discounted Tickets Available?

A. Advanced tickets are sold online at a 20% discount over purchasing at the door. Click here for tickets.

Q. What Is The History Of Bead & Design?

A. Garan-Beadagio, LLC, the promoter of Bead & Design, has its beginnings with the first To Bead True Blue, in 2005. Within a few short years, To Bead True Blue has become legendary, growing to 1000 exhibitors and workshops. In 2008, the Bead & Design brand was launched in Pasadena, CA. Over 15 years and 100 shows later, Bead & Design Shows are the most important bead, jewelry, and clothing events in the US.

Q. How Do I Change My Mailing Address?

A. To update your email address or preferences, click "Update Profile/Email Address" at the bottom of the email. To update your physical mailing address, contact us. Please provide both your old and new postal address.

Q. Where Can I See A Listing Of Exhibitors & Workshops?

A. See Exhibitor List for Bead & Design exhibitors, and Workshops for the complete workshop lists.

Q. How Do I Register For A Workshop?

A. Depending on the workshop instructor, you may either register online or contact the individual instructor for registration and class fee payment. See Workshops for details.

Q. How Many Events Does Bead & Design Produce?

A. Bead & Design Shows are held at seven cities, 12 times per year.

Q. How Do I Apply To Be An Exhibitor Or An Instructor?

A. Bead & Design exhibitors and instructors are chosen by invitation and by juried application. Apply Online or call us at (530) 274-1101 if you are interested in becoming an exhibitor or want to teach a workshop.

Q. I Am Unable To Print My Ticket. What Do I Do?

A. After registration, your ticket will also be emailed to you to be printed later, or presented on your mobile device.

Q. What Are The Hours Of The Show?

A. Bead & Design shows are 10am to 6pm daily, with most shows closing at 5pm on Sunday.

Q. What Parking Is Available?

A. Discounted self-parking and some valet parking is usually available at each location. Please see Show Details for more information.

Q. Are There Discounted Hotel Rooms Available?

A. Many Bead & Design shows have discounted room blocks for attendees. See Show Details for reservations.

Q. Is Bead & Design Wholesale Only?

A. Bead & Design shows are open to the public, with most exhibitors offering both retail, consumer pricing, and large-volume wholesale discounts for attendees with a resale license.

Q. How Do I Cancel A Class Registration?

A. If you registered directly with the class instructor, please contact the instructor to cancel. If you registered through Garan-Beadagio or Bead & Design, contact us.

Q. Is Registration Required For Attendees?

A. Yes, show registration is required for attendees, either online or at the door.

Q. Are Bead & Design Shows Open To The Public?

A. Each show is open to the general public, welcoming both the retail/consumer hobbyist or buyer, and the professional shop owner and wholesale buyer. However, a few exhibitors in Tucson are wholesale only.