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Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer
Susan Lenart Kazmer is an artist, silversmith and designer of 23 years. I studied at the art institute of Chicago and graduated from Southern Illinois University. Diploma in hand I wondered what to do next. I wasn’t necessarily trained for a job and I quickly realized to be an artist that I needed a lot more experience under my belt to develop and interesting body of work. I have always loved adornment, any and all kinds of adornment and soon realized that what I really loved was the obscure study of sacred adornment. During art school I found that I frequented the Field Museum in Chicago. That was my old stomping grounds. I was a museum junkie and loved and was so inspired by artifacts and relics. I also did ethnographic repair in the Chicago area on West African beadwork and adornment. East Indian Naga jewelry and Thailand components and jewelry. My job was to repair or rebuild a historical piece of jewelry or fiber. I had the opportunity to witness up close the construction of ancient pieces, how pieces were built and what would last through time as a connections as well as witnessing Innovative use of materials and their significant meanings. Through a lot of travel and exploration I built my vocabulary of my own symbolism and Talismans through jewelry and adornment for the sake of building. I recently landed back in the fashion field where my work won an award during 2018 Milan fashion week Artistar event with Italian Vogue accessories. I have been in many markets including museum exhibits, education, American Craft Council and SNAG. My work is considered innovative and expressive. I build in culture, history and beauty into adornment.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 3, from 2:30pm to 5:00pm
Fees: $75

While in art school, my studies of Cultures, Ancient adornment and artifacts led me to the thought process of creating my own ancient looking objects from whatever shape I choose with no limitations,

In this hands on workshop, learn this technique and more by learning the technique of casting your own object into rubber silicone. Build a dirty mold to create an ancient looking object or a clean mold for a resin glass technique.

Learn to pour resin properly and safely into your altered rubber mold. Later, I will provide an object or two pulled from a finished mold to practice and master a few techniques using products for altering your object. Learn formulas of rubbing, foiling graffito to created a remarkable and finished altered object.

2-1/2 hour workshop

Kit fee* $20 - includes rubber silicone, finished resin component to work on…expendables such as resin to use in class, mica flakes, powders and cold enamels, solder, sand paper, wire.

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