Prumihimo Grape Bracelet

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Instructor: Sally Battis
I have been crafting most of my life. Once I retired from my full time job, beading (Kumihimo mostly) has been my thing. I have an online store where I make and sell Kumihimo bead kits. I fell in love with a 7 cord braid called Fill the Gap many years ago. I created a 7 cord template that sits on top of your Kumihimo braiding disk which makes all the difference in braiding else. I am also the creator and admin of a facebook group called Kumihimo Supplies Tutorials where we can post Kumihimo related supplies (kits) and patterns.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 8, from 10:00am to 1:00pm
Fees: $50 » plus $35 kit fee paid to instructor

The Class is an ancient Japanese braid called Kusari Tsunagi. Pru McRae of London England created a special foam disk which allows for this Marudai braid to be braiding using a more portable means. The braid is done with a combination of satin cord and beading weight cord together. The structure of the braid is straight, meaning it has no twist as the traditional Kongo Gumi braid has. Once the students learn the structure of this braid, the skies the limit as to what can be braided. Pru has given me permission to teach her version of this ancient braid.
Students can bring their own beading mat & weight, but I will have some available for those who do not have one. If they do not finish the braid before the end of class, they will be shown how to attach the clasp. If they attach the clasp at home they will need E-6000 or Crazy Glue to hold the clasp securely in place.

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