Peyote with a Twist

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Instructor: Kim Fox

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 5, from 9:00am to 12:00pm
Fees: $125

Peyote with a twist is similar in appearance to bead crochet without the extremely long setup necessary with bead crochet. Within minutes you will be creating a graceful tube of beads with colors of your choice. The diagonal turn of the beads on the strand creates beadwork that is flexible and drapes beautifully. Basic beadwork knowledge is preferred for this class. We will make a nylon cord with a magnetic clasp that can be used with this slide and with other pendants in your collection or that you might make. The size 8 beads, Fireline, big-eyed needle, nylon cord and magnetic clasp for the necklace are included in the class. $125 fee. 3 hour class.

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