Prumihimo Petalicious Necklace

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Instructor: Sally Battis
I have been crafting most of my life. Once I retired from my full time job, beading (Kumihimo mostly) has been my thing. I have an online store where I make and sell Kumihimo bead kits. I fell in love with a 7 cord braid called Fill the Gap many years ago. I created a 7 cord template that sits on top of your Kumihimo braiding disk which makes all the difference in braiding else. I am also the creator and admin of a facebook group called Kumihimo Supplies Tutorials where we can post Kumihimo related supplies (kits) and patterns.

Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 5, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Fees: $60 » plus kit fee of $35

In this class you will learn a different style 8 cord Kumihimo Braid. This is a Straight Braid, no twist, with a combination of Satin Cord and a thinner cLon Beading Cord. The Japanese name for the braid is Kusari Tsunagi. Class kits will include the famous Prumihimo Braiding Disk by Pru McRae of London, The 2 types of cord, a clasp and finally the beads for creating the lovely Petal Style Necklace. Once this technique is learned, you will have a whole new braid that works well for all kinds of braided Jewelry pieces.

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