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Instructor: Atalia Molaro
String Bead instructor, Atalia Molaro has been creating new classes and teaching all different elements of bead work and fabrication for over 11 years. Her open saw work and metal skills are unparalleled. She is a patent teacher that loves to teach. Atalia plays a vital role in helping String Bead teach, design, buy, and create over 50 different classes.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: Intermediate.. Torch Soldering skills necessary.
Dates/Times: July 27, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Fees: $79 » all supplies including, instructional handout are provided.

This class will teach you more advanced soldering techniques, like how to solder two flat sheet metals together, to make an amazing pendant or charm. This class really forces on seeing the solder flow. Some techniques we will be doing includes: saw work, finishes, and advanced soldering. We will be making one charm/small pendant. You can choose your image during the class, along with what kind of metal(we will not be using sterling). Then you are ready for more advanced classes! If you know saw work already, this class will be a little easier. If not don't worry we will walk you through it! I love to saw and show people how to do it. All tools are provided.
Your seat in the class is secured when the class is paid for.
Due to traveling and expenses, as of 7/7/18, there will be absolutely no refunds. Substitutes are acceptable. Sorry for any inconvenience.
For more information: call 530-894-2323 or email Visit us at

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