Gemstone Journey Necklace

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Instructor: Katie Baum

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All. Metal clay experience helpful. Minimum Age: 18
Dates/Times: January 12, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Fees: $120 » (Must be paid in full at time of registration. Non-refundable after Thursday, December 28, 2017)

Tell your story through your jewelry! Seven gemstones, varying in size, are held in a silver embrace. Your necklace can be designed in a number of different ways, and your gemstones may represent a number of different things. Each size of gem is available in a variety of colors. By carefully combining design, gem size, and gem color, your necklace will showcase your very own personalized message to all who see (and compliment) it.
For questions or to register, please call (toll-free) 866-381-0100 or 708-857-8800.

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