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Instructor: Jody Young
Jody is a master beader of her “Raised Texture Bead Embroidery” style. Taking bead embroidery to the next level. She has been beading since Jr. high and is still passionate about her beads. Her experience and artful way of beading is so inspirational and creative. She owned o bead store for 21 years in Spokane, WA and then moved to Maui and filled her sole of island life and being an artist in residence in different venues. Now living back to the mainland her journey continues allowing her to travel and share her passion with others on her own form of beading. Jody’s beadwork is something different with life, movement, texture and dimension. She has be recognized and published for her creative way numerous times. Jody is know for her free-spirit and her free-form beading style that will get anyone out of the box and explore a new way to bead. “Jody was the child that colored outside of the lines and continues to do so through her beadwork. If you want something new and different in beading, join her for an experience that will bring you joy and lots of inspiration.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: July 29, from 11:00am to 4:00pm
Fees: $100 » plus kit $85.00 that is payable to Jody @ class

This light weight and soft bracelet is made of felted silk that I created for you to bead upon. Each kit is one-of-kind ranging in many different color ways and different focals. You will learn bead embroidery, raised texturing, peyote, edging, design, and finishing techniques with slide clasp and soft leather backing. Everyone will create their own wearable piece of art and all levels are welcome.

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