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Instructor: Robert Lopez
Robert is a self-taught metalsmith. He tries to design his pieces to stand out from everything else out there. He feels he was drawn to fabricating jewelry due to its difficult and physical nature, forcing the metals and stones to transform into what he envisions them to become. He began slowly teaching himself to smith; accumulating his collection of tools and knowledge of the art anywhere he could but feels the greatest aspect of his learning came from himself, as he endlessly experimented with the materials at hand. His raw and organic designs are fabricated with skill yet are free to grow without constraints or preconceived notions. His pieces are completely one-of-a-kind and made with his own hands, from sometimes rolling his own sheet silver from ingots he pours himself to grinding and polishing all of his own stones. Most of his pieces are designed with lots of texture, and layering; giving his pieces a very distinctive and distressed look.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: Beginner/Intermediate. Minimum age 18
Dates/Times: July 27-July 28, from 10:00am to 6:00pm
$250 » workshop fee - two day class
$70 » payable to instructor day of the workshop

Two day workshop focusing on heat treating titanium to obtain an attractive and durable crystalline structure. The heat treatment can achieve vibrant colors ranging from gold, magenta, purples and blues. We will also cover the benefits of working with tarnish resistant Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium is a silver alloy that is whiter and brighter than traditional sterling and can be annealed softer and hardened beyond traditional sterling. We will be fusing Argentium silver granules, discs and wire to sheet, enabling us to cut back on solder joints. I will also instruct students on the process and benefits of constructing a thick wall bezel for setting a cabochon. The workshop will also cover texturing, soldering, riveting, patina, post set pearls, roller printing, forming and finishing. Robert Lopez Designs,, 714-504-0673,

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