The Moon Is Not Cheese

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Instructor: Georgina Brown
Georgina Brown's earliest recollection of jewelry was looking through her Mom's jewelry case. She vowed to unlock the secrets of how each piece was made. Exploring her abilities in a variety of mediums frustrated her with limitations to create jewelry visions she chose to share. Then she learned of silver metal clay in 2010 and found it infinitely malleable! Metal clay became her primary medium of choice to portray her ideas. Georgina feels her mission as an artist and instructor is to highlight details that draw attention and stimulate the imagination of the student/viewer/wearer. Studying with talented artists and practicing techniques and skills allowed her to become a certified ACS Senior Instructor, and certified Level 2 PMC Artisan in the spring of 2014. Sharing her passions with those who wish to explore their own inner artist, is a rewarding aspect of being a jewelry instructor. Georgina's studio is located in her Arts Emporium which also exhibits and promotes other artists who work in a variety of mediums.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: Intermediate
Dates/Times: January 18, from 9:00am to 1:00pm
Fees: $120 » Fees to be paid in full at time of registration

Explore building your own moonscape - creating craters and adding stones to capture your vision of the moon. This class will incorporate varied techniques - including gauged cutouts, layering them in combination with different stone settings to add color, creating a one-of-a kind pendant which will be torch-fired in class. An intermediate level of skill and experience with metal clay is best for success with this project. All materials, tools, embellishments and firing are included in the class price.

An intermediate level of experience with Metal Clay is recommended to successfully complete this project. If you have any concerns about your experience level, please call or email Despina to discuss.

To register and pay for this class please call 626-963-8541 or email Despina at

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