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Instructor: Terry Henry
I grew up in Los Gatos, Ca. and graduated from Los Gatos High School as an art student. I began my formal art training at San Jose State University. After a few years of study I began to worry about making a living as an artist. I opted for a degree in geology as I was good at it and the colors and properties of minerals intrigued the artistic side of me. I graduated with a MS degree in geology and a teaching credential in art and science. I received local and national awards for mentoring and training. Working on the edge has been the biggest factor in my ability to grow as an artist. I believe It is important to live for today. Teaching experience: Teaching experience includes a State Single Subject Teaching Credentials in Art and Science and a Lifetime Community College Teaching Credential. I started teaching science in 1976 at State and Community College level, and art and science at the K-8 level. I teach flameworking, wire wrapping, and electroforming to adult learners across the country.

Currently not available.
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: August 13, from 9:30am to 4:00pm
$65 » Class fee
$65 » Kit fee

This class we will assemble a necklace using handmade lamp work disk beads as a base and combine glass components: flowers, buds, leaves, accent beads, etc. to create a lightweight, comfortable, and wearable piece of art. This project provides artists with wire wrapping and coiling experience and a basic assembly process using disk beads that will be useful beyond the design provided in this lesson. Glass components are provided in a kit, which includes detailed instructions and photographs. Additional components will be available for purchase.

Skills taught include step-by-step wire wrapping, coiling, and the use of pliers and other hand tools for assembly. Students are expected to finish their project in class.

Hand tools needed for this class include: Bent chain nose pliers, chain nose pliers, round pliers, flush cutters, bead mat, and magnifier.

Cost: $65 class fee, $65 kit fee

Kits include: 5 handmade lamp work disk beads, 3 handmade lamp work leaves on 24g wire, 3 handmade lampwork flower buds on 24g wire, 5 handmade lampwork bell flowers on 24g wire, copper wire. A tutorial containing detailed instructions and photographs.

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