Honeycomb Clasp Style Bracelet on the Endless Loom

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Instructor: Deb Moffett-Hall
Designer, inventor, and author. Deb created the new Endless Loom, and also Quick Start Peyote Cards. Both items received rave reviews in the major bead magazines. Deb’s beadwork has appeared in Bead & Button magazine, and Beadwork Magazine. She was the Editor of Bead-Patterns, the magazine for 42 issues. Featured on Jewel School (JTV) in 2016 the Endless Loom is scheduled for a return visit Feb 20, 2017. Deb has a very patient and pleasant teaching style: “Beading is supposed to be fun, not frustrating” is her motto. Visit her website at http://www.patternstobead.com. The Endless Loom and Quick Start Peyote Cards are also available wholesale through the BeadSmith.

Currently not available.
Workshop currently full to capacity.
Location: To Bead True Blue
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 4, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm
$30 » workshop fee
$45 » kit fee

Learn from the inventor! Tips and techniques for weaving on the new Endless Loom: the no warp threads to tie-off bead weaving system. You will make this lovely Honeycomb clasp style bracelet in class.
Fast and fun. Customize the loom in seconds for your desired bracelet size. Begin with the clasp already attached. Warp and then weave with the same thread. Add bead rows to circle completely around the loom. Tie-in one weaving thread, and slide off a perfectly sized and finished bracelet. Several beautiful bead color combinations to select from.
Demonstrations and hand-outs on setting up the loom to make leather wrap style and elastic stretchy style bracelets will also be included. No bead kits will be available for these styles.
The Endless Loom used in class is yours to keep! Additional Honeycomb bracelet bead kits will be available for purchase.

Special Notes or requirements:
Equipment: Please bring a bead mat or tray, scissors, and a task light if desired. kits include needle and thread.
Important Note: Only the Deb Moffett-Hall Endless Loom from the BeadSmith is suitable for this class, other looms will not work for this project.

Link to website or contact information:
Website: http://www.patternstobead.com
Email: beadpatterns@aol.com
Workshop $30
Class Kit fee $45 includes one Endless Loom for you to keep and a bead kit to make one Honeycomb clasp bracelet with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Additional Honeycomb bracelet bead kits will be available: $20 each
If you already own the Endless Loom, bring yours to class and purchase a Honeycomb bracelet bead kit for $20.

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