Basket Weave Stone on Stone Pendant

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Instructor: Kim St Jean
Following ten years as a public school teacher, Kim combined her love of teaching with her creative talents and began teaching jewelry classes. Mostly self taught, Kim now has been teaching jewelry classes for 17 years. She is an award winning instructor, author and jewelry designer. Kim has been published in numerous magazines and books. She has appeared on several beading/craft television programs and has written three books: Mixed Metal Mania and Metal Magic currently in print, and her 3rd Colorful Wire Jewelry to be published in June of 2016. Kim was elected one of the Top Ten Instructors in the country by the attendees of the prestigious Bead & Button show. She currently has videos available for on-line viewing at and In addition, she has over 20 stone setting DVD’s through now available.

Currently not available.
Location: The Tucson Bead Show
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: February 2, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Fees: $115 » (includes all materials and supplies, use of tools, and a handout)

This class has a ton of techniques, yet in only 3 hours!! But…it’s been done several times so no worry. Everyone will get a slate backing piece which we’ll learn how to drill. We’ll then create a base for the weave using soldering and cold connections. Once connected we’ll set the stone and weave the wire, finishing it all off with a leather or suede cord. Whew!!
e-mail: info@studiostjean if any questions

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