Tripoli Earrings

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Instructor: Melissa Rodarte
Melissa Mauk Rodarte’s true love is to teach beading. Her talents include getting pesky knots out of thread, threading stubborn needles, and unique project problem solving (aka bead surgery.) She has been beading for over 20 years and teaching for more than half of that time. She loves when one of her designs synergistically bonds students together with a creative purpose.

Currently not available.
Location: The Tucson Bead Show
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: January 30, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
$15 » Workshop
$5 » Kit fee

For the girl who loves art deco and feels at home in a worn-in
pair of bell bottoms - these earrings will transport you
wherever you want to go today.

2 6mm glass pearls or druks
2 3mm English cut rounds
6 2mm druks (smooth rounds)
8 2-hole crescents
6 2-hole daggers
1 color 11/0 seed beads
1 color 15/0 seed beads
beading needles
beading thread
beading mat
magnifying lamp

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