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Instructor: Symone Beasley
Symone Beasley is one of String Bead’s golden girls. She has worked alongside all the instructors and has played a vital role in helping with all the classes taught at the shop. Symone is patents at its best! and our very best beginners instructor.

Currently not available.
Location: The Tucson Bead Show
Skill Levels: All
Dates/Times: January 31, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Fees: $79 » all supplies including, instructional handout are provided.

Turn a boring piece into a thing of beauty! Get rid of your solder marks! Fix Grandma’s pieces! After months of research and experimentation, we are confident you will enjoy electroplating- with an extra nod at electroforming. We will pen-plate a section of a piece. We will each emersion-plate an entire piece, and we will discuss various methods and techniques. This is a learning class, so bring your note paper and eat your Wheaties! All tools are provided. All Skill levels are welcome. Your seat in the class is secured when the class is paid for. To register for this class click here http://tools.stringbead.com/store/p519/ElectroPlating_-_1%2F31.html or for more information: call 530-894-2323 or email Stringbeadsocial@gmail.com. Visit us at tools.StringBead.com

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